My Very First Guest Blogger


I share, with joy and pride, my very first guest blogger…my very own….10 year old Asher Kaftan.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop with my mom writing for her blog. We’ve spent the last three days in Lisbon and it’s been a blast. We got here on Sunday at around noon after flying Tap Portugal, an airline we’ve never flown before. The airport was small and we had a difficult and frustrating time finding baggage claim.

Lisbon reminds me a bit of San Francisco with the long, red bridge, hills and trolleys.

After a delicious pizza at A Mesa and the best chocolate cake of my life mom and I headed out on a duck tour. Although here it’s a Hippotrip. A Hippotrip is a tour on a bus that turns into a boat. They say if you can speak Spanish pretty well then Portuguese is easy to understand. How wrong could they be. We ended up getting to the bus/boat 60 seconds before they left. (We planed of getting there 15 minutes early.)

On Monday, we went to Sintra, a beautiful “Fairy tail town”, as they call it here, 45 minutes away from Lisbon. The town is made up of castles and palaces starting from the 8th century. After Sintra, mom got some coffee and it happened to be a great day for my Rubik’s Cube. I reached my 1000 recorded solve, my new personal best, my new one handed personal best, and my new best averages of 5, 12, and 100. If you can’t tell, I’m a Rubik’s Cube enthusiast.

Tuesday we pooped around and we happen to be in a taxi right now going to the biggest aquarium in Europe. Overall, I will always remember this memorable and supercalifragilisticexpialidocious time with my mom.

-Asher Maxwell Kaftan

  1. What a great writer you have, Marla! I’d love to reprint the whole blog in the Walden Pond, but I don’t think I have the space. NEVERTHELESS, I’d like to use a bit of it. May I, Asher? Also, you’re going to have to write a story for the Pond this summer (or a series of them!) about your year abroad. That’s a must! 🙂

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