So Similar

fullsizeoutput_22012     I’m making a connection.  A connection between the year our family spent abroad in Barcelona and This Quarantine. I recognize the similarities. The amount of time we spend together as a family, the slow pace at which we maneuver through our days and the way we find dependency with those we love the most. I also recognize differences. The sheer volume of fear surrounding all of us, the risk endured by doctors, nurses and all of those serving the public, and the lack of toilet paper.

The moments experienced during this quarantine have developed into patterns. Patterns of people making sense of nonsense. Our days involve lots of eating, some cleaning and the disappearance of the escape artist in all of us. Because our literal space consolidated without any warning, it is only human nature to hide in the shower, closet, or bathroom a little longer than normal.

Trying new things has developed into a theme around here. Those who have never cooked now make lunch for themselves. Those who have never vacuumed now know where it is kept and those who used to be late for dinner show up on time.

We pursue our olds habits, and entertain the idea of taking up new habits. The habit to exercise daily rises, the habit to start my day off by making my bed takes place and the habit to keep an organized closet keeps happening. On the flipside, the habit to Netflix, to Drink or to Sugar ascends quickly creating a nice life style balance on my end.

When it was time to leave Barcelona after a year, we all left a little bit of our hearts right in the middle of the city and after this is all over, a little bit of my heart will crave The Quarantine.

It’s these days, days like these that massage into us the value of our freedom, our family and our strength. So, as I continue to recognize, the significance of this experience as well as the loss experienced, I will know that I did it and so did you.

  1. You write so beautifully and you expressed how we are ALL feeling. It is scary but it is also nice that we are both healthy and learning how to do things we didn’t do before this time.
    I am missing my dearest friend’s special birthday tomorrow, and that makes me sad. I wanted to see all and BE WITH all of you to celebrate this wonderful lady and her 10 year old GRANDSON…. But, when are all together again… I will make a special effort to share more of myself with all of y’all.
    Until then… my long distance family… I love you all… miss you all terribly and pray that we will laugh about this time and appreciate one another more.


    1. Hi Lesley: I know so many misses are hard for all of us. We can’t wait for our next big Lesley hug. Stay safe and healthy. xxoo


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