I’m home. It’s that easy, I’m home. It waited, everything waited. I’m welcome back and welcome to be back. Coming home one week ago completed our year in Barcelona. I’m energized, I’m talkative, I’m ready to go. All five Kaftans gained experience, responsibility and freedom during our year abroad. Now the time comes for all five Kaftans to take our new skills and return them everywhere. The desire to make a difference, to achieve, to discover became available to my family and I. People ask me all of the time questions that look like this:

  • How was it, I bet it was amazing.

I wonder why these people ask and answer their own question before ever even waiting for a response.

Or they will ask me:

  • Did the kids go to school?

This is a valid question creating a framework for our experience. So, now they know we lived in Barcelona for one year and our kids went to school.

The same top questions ensue each time I converse with someone, anyone, about our adventure.

What I really want to let my readers and my listeners know about my adventure follows:

My year abroad broadened my thoughts, my energy, myself. The experience presented challenges, discord, frills and fun to discover my discoveries. The opportunity provided moments to open my mind, to try new things, to seek adventure. I choose to somersault through life rolling forward, moving away and standing back up in every way possible.

  1. welcome home!! can’t wait to hear all about it! let’s get together. loved your blog it was great keeping up with you guys along the way, xxoo


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