My Honor

IMG_8193I have an honor. It’s the honor of publishing a second guest blogger, my husband.  During our stay in Barcelona I see changes created by Jeffrey. I see Jeffrey being more authentic to himself and others. I see him being more active and energetic. But most of all I see him happy and positive, two of his favorite ways to be. With no furth ado…..

I’m often asked what a typical day in Barcelona looks like.  I find it a very difficult question to answer. Each day is unique and different.  So few days resemble the other. So many new experiences and places to go.  So many fun adventurous  people.  Days may begin the same, but end differently or vice versa.  But what makes Barcelona so special to me is the freedom, the carpe diem moments.  It is a perfect place for this.  The city has so much to offer and discover; I find it endless.  The beach, mountains, architecture, narrow streets, small little tapas bars and restaurants abound.  The Mediterranean flora, the wine, the fresh seafood and jamon, the social lifestyle of the people.  Family and friends trump work.  Coffee is ubiquitous as is fresh squeezed OJ.  The history, the public transit, the endless medieval villages, castles, sights and things to visit in short proximity.  A random date with my wife is unique and exciting.  A day with one of the kids opens endless options.  And the ex-pat community is amazing; so many people looking for the same thing. Always something going on and someone to do it with.  From running to mountain biking, from Stand Up Paddle boarding to late night drinks with cool like-minded people.  People who in some cases have grown into lifelong friendships.
Barcelona, I will miss you!  From my head to my toes, from my burning quads to my open heart.


  1. All good things come to an end & nothing last forever, that’s what Papa taught me. You had an amazing year, better than you ever dreamed. You were blessed.
    Time to come home.
    Your Mama


  2. I loved Barcelona and all that it offered us when we were there for a short visit. I know that you are changed in many ways…A man of the world as opposed to a man of “A city”… you have given your family a great gift. You are a generous soul and now you will return to your place of birth and the birth of your children all better for the experience. And what I want to know is WHEN ARE YOU COMING HERE to visit the capital of the Confederate ???????? Love you and miss you.


  3. Beautiful and true and true to yourself.Im gonna miss you guys.There’snothing better then likeminded people who enjoy the zest for life and you two have been the bright light that will always shine on our hearts!


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