A New Phase


Today is different. It’s a new phase. I am going to call it The When The Fuck is This Going to be Over Phase. Spring is springing and I want to put on some new sunglasses, hang on to a cup of Commonwealth Coffee and walk through Birmingham waving to a friend seeing new blooms all while on my way to get a blowout. Sigh…those were the days. It’s confusing to try to figure out how we will all get back out, out into the world. The great big different world.

Dinnertime is my favorite time of day. Everyone comes to the table starving. So far, by dinner they had only eaten a bowl of Rice Crispies (milk optional), popcorn, maybe a spoonful of ice cream. Anyway, the point is that they all show up for dinner. I like hosting my family, table for 5. Dinners bring about stories of our days and stories of our lives. I like dinner because dinner is where I am truly able to look at my family and know that this is exactly where I am supposed to be.

Well except a few nights ago. The range of moods rises and falls and so do the voices. Emotions represent opportunity. I have to say I like naming the feeling, suggesting an emotion. We are all learning a little more about each other as well as ourselves. Taking time to think deeply exists. Go deep.

So, as The When The Fuck is This Going to be Over Phase begins, I wonder when it will end and what is next.




  1. This is week 7 for us….I had my shoulder replaced 7 weeks ago sooo we’ve been in for that long. And boy oh boy is it ever hard. The day cannot go by without laughter so we also look for the funny sometimes when it’s extremely hard to find. Yesterday we got a double delivery from the grocery store… I have made out the lists and David has done the ordering… He thought that he was JUST adding something to the list but he doubled the order… after laughing we have a million bananas 4 dozen eggs, etc. sooo I am cooking crazzzzy stuff and gaining weight and we are laughing at the silly stuff and we get excited to go to the mail box.
    Hang in there… before you have an empty nest… this is a time they and you will never forget…Don’t wish the days away… be happy that you have them TOGETHER and ALWAYS find hope that this too will pass!


  2. I’m kvelling.
    I agree, savor this Time, hard as it may be. You will look back & kvell too, I promise.
    I love you Mar.


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