A Small Update


It’s been quite a while since I sat down to blog. The reason blurred my mind. However, today I figured out it’s because I am terrified to conclude the most recent year of my life, afraid of what the end looks like and what the beginning brings. The words to describe the venture experienced by me and mine struggle their way through my mind. I am full of pride, distinction and satisfaction yet weary of the opposition they bring.

Two weeks ago I arrived in Detroit for a visit and on Monday I return to Barcelona for three weeks. We all returned to the USA once school let out to prepare and send the kids to camp and to visit a little bit of family, a few friends, doctors and dentists. Elliot left last Friday and Jeffrey drove the two littles to Camp Walden this morning. I am alone in my house to sleep for the first time ever.

The freedom combines with loneliness to brew up a big batch of thinking.

So, I think I am not ready yet to truly acknowledge the culmination of spending one year in another country with my four favorite people. I think those lessons, those moments, and those memories will unravel as the days and months unfold.

For now, I intend to travel to my home away from home to culminate this outstanding year one day at a time.

I know I will be back one day, back to Barcelona, back to blogging and back to being a suburban housewife with three children who are all getting A’s in school.


  1. Good to have you home, if just for s minute. The adventure continues, be safe. Love Mom

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