Up They Grow


I’m sitting on a bus by myself. I am coming home from a ceremony to honor all of the kids in the schools who participated in the Sharing to Learn program. Elliot instructed third grade Catalan children in English in this program. I’m alone because following the program Elliot expressed his desire to head home not with me, but with his friends. I smile and grimace about this one simultaneously. My children gained great independence on our journey. Each of them has spread their wings. These children of ours learned a new language, navigated new friendships, rode public transportation and relied on each other. Asher asks Amelia to go to the mall, Amelia asks Elliot to go to dinner and Elliot doesn’t really ask too much anymore. He stays awake longer than I do, he studies when it’s necessary and he makes his own plans with his own friends. This teenage boy of mine says something in another room and I wonder whose voice am I hearing. It’s deep and it’s telling Asher to pick up his stinky clothes or it’s mocking a school teacher with Amelia. As I recognize that my children mature, both physically and emotionally, I realize the forward motion of life keeps going and I’m in it for the ride. I’m in it for the 3 good night kisses that remind me my growing children will always be my babies.

  1. They Do grow up … you and Jeffrey have give them a wonderful WORLD experience and they and YOU will never be the same… Lucky them…!!!! Lucky you!!


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