A Day for Mom

IMG_6037Last Sunday was Mother’s Day, in Spain. I slept in. Sleeping in climbed to the top of my list as a favorite weekend activity of mine. Jeffrey, on the other hand, seizes every minute. He ran a 10k before the rest of us saw day light.  We decided no store bought or home made gifts this year, only time spent together. Although, my baby Asher couldn’t help himself and made me a card with markers in a rainbow pattern that read “Feliz Día de Madre.” We dressed for the sunny mid sixty degree day and headed out for brunch at the one place I know will nourish my body and soul, Pinhams in the park. Dogs chase pigeons, toddlers chase dogs and parents chase toddlers all while couples cuddle and families feast. So, the five of us gathered  around a table for four and shared our first meal of the day.

The back of our apartment faces the mountains, the front, the sea. On the very top of the mountain named Tibidabo sits an amusement park whose ferris wheel lights up our view during the dark sky of the warm months. We taxied up to that amusement park for the first time, bought tickets and gave a few rides a try. The boys rode the infamous ferris wheel while Amelia and I sat in a 4D movie that did its best Spanish attempt portraying an American Pixar short. I ate a snack I later regretted and concluded the ongoing thought that Spain relaxes. The people, the attractions and the air that day stared stress in the eyes and said, “today is my day, not yours.”
Our return home consisted of one hippie funicular ride half way down the mountain, one antique cable car ride down the rest of the mountain and one city bus ride back to our neck of the woods. We all broke bread together again that night at a neighborhood cafe where the kids left before us after eating greedily and Jeffrey and I took our time finishing wine and dessert. We strolled home happily as I recounted my sixteenth Mother’s Day. So, now as I have a favorite holiday behind me, I recognize all my American counterparts have it ahead of them. Breathe deeply, love your family and let your family love you. Happy Mother’s Day.

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