Jeffrey’s Back

Last Saturday Jeffrey returned to Barcelona after having spent a week in the US. His time away established the longest time we have been apart in our almost 17 years of marriage. I noticed the greatest difference between when Jeffrey travelled while we lived in Detroit and him traveling while we live in Barcelona is that I missed him. When he leaves while we are in the States, I typically experience a bit of relief and a lot of order. I have kids in bed on time and time for myself. While living here, I certainly recognized the cleaner house and the timely schedules, but the cheer and the fun decreased as my loneliness for my husband increased. Jeffrey bought a 1000 piece puzzle of the Casa Batilo by Gaudi before he left. I know he didn’t realize the great distraction the puzzle would bring. But, it moved to the top of my list as one of the best gifts Jefffey has ever bought.

I discovered my week alone provided me with opportunity to explore new territory here in Barcelona. The kids and I went for brunch and to the zoo. The animals rambunctious behavior entertained us all. Monkeys played, turtles humped and the rhinosauraus stood. We walked to the movie theatre showing movies in their original version and saw Ms. Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children in English while we indulged in popcorn just like they have at home.

During the week, while the kids attended school, I explored. I visited an art exhibit, discovered a great boutique and drank possibly the best green smoothie here on earth. I lunched with a new friend willing to throw back a ginger shot. I stumbled upon a city park that urged me in to contemplate life.

As I woke up on Saturday I knew that after Asher’s early basketball game, Jeffrey’s plane will have arrived. And I realized that when all was said and done, Jeffrey landed safely right back in our arms celebrating life and bringing the best kind of disorder into whatever kind of order we kept while he did what he needed to do.

And last night, together, we fit the 1000th piece of the puzzle right into it’s own perfect place.

Barcelona Zoo









  1. This might has to be my favorite post so far (which is a big deal), because all of
    your posts have been fantastic. Who knew you were an accomplished word smith?!?!? Great pics….You are going to be too sophisticated and cool for us glowing in your wake of enlightenment and awareness! xoxoxo

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