My Friends

Melissa and I, 1979, dance recital.

I love my friends and although Spain fully stimulates my senses, there is nothing like the feeling of talking, walking, eating, drinking, laughing and crying with someone whose spirit I know so well. The very most difficult part of this experience for me continues to be, plain and simple, I miss my friends. That longing typically occurs while everyone in Birmingham, Chicago, and New York, among many other American cities, sleeps soundly. It’s 9:00 am here, the kids leave for school, and I begin my day sans my daily dose of the women in my life. I envision not only my lovely ladies, but their kids, my parents, and my family dreaming dreams in order to commence their next days adventures.

I’m slowly making connections and friends in Barcelona. All of the people I meet possess such varied lives and histories. I enjoy hearing about their backgrounds and families and their interests and adventures. However, I also discover being alone to be purifying and uplifting. Growing up only child allows me to understand not only my wish but my desire to be with me.

So, I continue to recognize that I’m here and not there for triumph and for misfortune. I’m here and not there for mitzvahs and funerals. I’m here and not there for holidays and daily days. But no matter where I am, I consider my friends, my fortune. I value each and every friendship whose footprint found its way to my heart.


  1. Love and miss you so much!! Sometimes the most important person you can know and spend time with is yourself. Enjoy this time. Can’t wait till our adventure in Dec!!!

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  2. First off, you were such an adorable kid. Second, goodfor you for acknowledging and accepting the tough parts with all of the adventures. Being away during the holidays is hard, of course.

    Really enjoying vicariously your experiences while you’re there. Keep posting, we’re reading!

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  3. Marla, This post is so well said. You continue to amaze and impress me. Your creativity and talents seem to know no bounds. There is no one I would rather share this adventure with. I love you beyond! -Jeffrey

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