All In A Week’s Time

The days turn into weeks and our lives in Barcelona turn into reality. I want to share a list of events, activities and moments that occurred during this past week, in no particular order.

  1. Natalie, our babysitter and friend from America, rode the bullet train to visit us with her boyfriend from their new locale of Madrid. They brought joy, food and fun into our home while staying with us for 3 nights. Armond, the aspiring chef who now resides in Madrid by way of Seldon Standard in Detroit desires opportunities to explore his culinary talents. He served us up a couple completely delicious meals.
  2. Elliot took his first art class in Spanish. His charcoal drawing of a horse now hangs in our dining room.
  3. Amelia took her first hip hop class in Spanish. It’s taught by a male dancer from Madrid. I can tell the class motivates her.
  4. Asher played his first basketball game in Spanish. His team won 91-19.
  5. Asher borrowed a uniform for his basketball game from some Spanish kid. We were wondering if he needed a jersey for his game.
  6. I lost a toenail.
  7. Jeffrey traveled to Munich for Octoberfest.
  8. Jeffrey wore and purchased lederhosen at the Octoberfest.
  9. On Thursday, while Jeffrey was at Octoberfest, I ordered the kids and I pizza, in Spanish.
  10. Our third mattress since we moved here was delivered. The first two left our backs in pain and our sleeps restless. Three’s a charm.
  11. The cab driver finally knows what I am saying when I tell him my address. I no longer have to show him it on Google Maps.
  12. Amelia threw up from too much truffle ravioli.
  13. We wholeheartedly missed Mia Lewis’s bat mitzvah.
  14. I had a hair cut and 2 blowouts.
  15. I bought chicken for Rosh Hashana that still had feathers on it.
  16. I bought a sweater with feathers on it.
  17. We received an invitation to a new neighbor and friends cocktail party on Kol Nidre and we chose Kol Nidre.
  18. I decided my pharmacist is my new best friend.
  19. Elliot wanted matzo balls for Rosh Hashana so he made matzo from scratch with Amelia. The next day we crushed the matzo and made the balls.
  20. I got to talk to my friend from home while she drove to her workout and ran her errands.
  21. And Jeffrey and I attended the best concert I have ever seen in my whole life. We saw The Red Hot Chili Peppers here in Barcelona. So beyond anything I have ever seen before. They have energy and synergy.

So, our days expose us to the unknown and our lives play out like we never imagined, but we maintain our timeless traditions. We kiss each other good night, we sit around the dinner table together and we call our parents. It’s all in a week’s time.


Elliot’s horse


  1. Loved every single 1 …. #1-#21 and all the pictures. Sending all our love your way!!! Andrew and I look forward to every blog post. L’shana Tova to all the Kaftans.


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