A Weekend Away


At times, I sense the Europeans around us thinking, “loud Americans.” The Kaftans travel to fine places often times without refinery. Elliot tosses Asher’s shoe into the pool at Hotel de La Gavina in beautiful S’Agaro and a game of cat and mouse ensues. Or all three kids jump up to pose on a stage at a fancy restaurant during dinner. As imaginable, Jeffrey contributes and encourages to the chaos. We don’t travel quietly, but we travel fully.

Sunday, we returned from a weekend Costa Brava adventure. Jeffrey rented some sort of SUV that compared to my Denali at home reminded me more of a VW bug. The ride took an hour and one half. We popped out of the car into the most surreal setting. Blue sky, blue water and manicured landscapes set amongst nature’s own rich mountains and sea.

We dined at Candlelight, the hotel’s most delectable restaurant where Elliot ordered, ate and thoroughly devoured pigeon prepared with a sauce from its own blood. We all watched as the chef ground the carcass into a manual operated machine to draw the blood and prepare the jus. The rest of us, not as daring, feasted upon freshly caught fish and chateaubriand.

After being the last family to exit a fine European breakfast on Saturday morning (we are almost always the last to leave, anywhere) we explored Cami de Ronda. It’s a footpath built along the Costa Brava coast. It connects the beaches and resorts and if desired, your feet can do the walking all the way to France using this unbelievably scenic walkway. That day we roamed six miles ourselves.

The day turned to night and we ate paella at what we all considered a glorified coney island restaurant. It rained that night too.

On Sunday, we wound our way through tunnels and mountains to  Marimurtra, a seaside botanical garden. The beauty of this land keeps astounding us all. We ended the weekend at Turo Parc Cafe, our neighbourhood staple.

As we continue our journey in and around Europe we gain knowledge, experience and gratitude. I’m also striving for some form of assemblage, order and etiquette from our three little monkeys. However, I suppose our culture, part American part Kaftan will forever exist in all of us.

  1. Compared to most anericans your kids are much more refined, polite, and quiet! Pictures are gorgeous and I bet they hatched lots of Pokémon eggs on their 6 mike walk!!


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