Barcelona, Here We Come

imageThe fish have been placed in long term care, all four of them. Ish, Lasagne, Little Franklin and Sushi found new surroundings for a little while. Just like we will. Tonight all of our seven parents and one best friend sat around our kitchen table eating together. We reminisced and forecasted. We cried a little and laughed a lot. It was the perfect way to end the familiar and begin the foreign.
As we passed through the doors of the plane our emotions were mixed. Elliot showed sadness about being unable to sleep in his bed. Amelia expressed reservations about stepping off of American soil and Asher, well he experienced remorse that he forgot his candy stash on his bedside table. As for Jeffrey and I, we held hands and gave a familiar squeeze knowing we did it. We planned, prepared, yelled a little and packed a lot. Barcelona, here we come.

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