We Have Arrived

This is the sunset that I couldn’t take my eyes off on our first day trip outside of Barcelona.
We arrived at our apartment on Wednesday night and quickly unpacked and have been doing our best to settle in our new home and our new surroundings. We have discovered many things, some expected and many unexpected. Our apartment lacked a washer and dryer. Ham remains unpopular with 2 out of 3 kids. We brought too many clothes. We haven’t discovered a quality grocery store, yet. We had no hot water for the first two days.
With all that being said, we are having a great time. We received and accepted an invitation for a glass of wine and snacks with parents of two new friends that Elliot and Asher met in the park. We are experiencing  the phenomenon of  public transportation and I am proud to say my Spanish skills exceed my expectations. The carefree summer lifestyle that occurs everywhere exists as well in Barcelona. I’m thinking it may exist year round here. But for now, we relish the al fresco dining, hanging out on our terrace and walking around Turo Parc. So tonight, as the train from Sitges approaches Barcelona and we lick the salt from around our lips, we smile at our wonderful day eating, swimming and roaming around our first European beach town visit. We have arrived.

Pictures from our beach town day in Sitges, Spain. 

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