It’s Time For A Change

imageDear Floggers:

Flogger: one who follows a blog. I like that modern day word, it makes me giggle. Although, I really think flogger sounds more like a floating log.

I enjoy blogging and often find my mind wandering about topics to write about other than our upcoming move to Barcelona.

I have contemplated  sharing my thoughts on parenting, on marriage, on friendship. I have thought about sharing recipes or beauty secrets or household tips  As my blog evolves, I intend to feature guest writers.  I have lots of people with lots to say.

In the meantime, I want to bring you all up to speed on our going ons.  Preparation has been intense with 15 suitcases lining the upstairs hallway.  A full fridge and pantry looks like a thing of the past.  Doctor appointments are abound. Oh, and all of the people who help me tend to my beauty routine  require one last visit. Our parents (there are seven of them) revolve in and out of the house on a daily basis. Closets, cupboards and drawers are being emptied. Cellphone plans are changing. And all the while, the kids still seem to find summer at their fingertips playing Pokemon Go and other app addictions. Some things seem unchanged.

That thought reminds me that although we are headed on an experience of a lifetime, so many things will remain the same. So while all of you are carrying on with life as we know it, so will we. I find comfort and connection knowing that I will continue to do many of the same things all of you do. We will be making school lunches, running errands and helping with homework. I’ll miss my friends, my family and all those who I cross paths with while I conduct my days and fulfill my responsibilities.

I understand change is inevitable. I believe we have the choice to make change before change makes us.

Change…here we come




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