A Day in The Mountains

I’m sitting in the back seat between my daughter and my step mom driving home from a day outside the Barcelona city limits. Jeffrey sits in the front chomping the bit with Simon, our guide and driver. Elliot, my dad and Asher sit in the row behind me. We are quiet. We are satisfied. Today the sun shined into our eyes as we took a cog wheel train up to the top of Montserrat. Six days a week at the monastery a boy’s choir sings inside the massive ancient Catholic Church that took my breath away. It’s built into the side of a mountain. The peace, the air and the calm in this space strips away all worries. It’s a magical place. It’s a place I will always remember sharing with the other very six  special people in my life.

After the trek to the top of the mountain, we travelled on the same train down and in the same van with Simon to lunch. He drove us though Spanish villages until we reached a vineyard where we ate and drank outside in the sun gazing at the opposite side of the mountain where peace ensued.

As we pull up to our apartment, I feel blessed. Blessed for opportunity, and blessed for my family.

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