A Special Guest



I am waiting in the lobby of the Hotel Arts while my mom hits the casino. Those of you who know Sheila understand first hand why I’m waiting. Those of you who don’t should know slot machines bring her great joy. I’m quite content waiting and writing. So far today, its Constitution Day in Barcelona, we consumed two meals and walked the shoreline as a family. We have held hands, taken photos and played Psyche. My mom arrived here Thursday and it’s been so much fun. Since her arrival in Spain our lives continue full speed ahead while making mom part of our everyday experiences. She meets the kids at the bus stop and does dishes and gives lots of good night kisses. Her time here paves the way for additional explorations. We toured Gaudi’s Casa Batllo, ate leisurely lunches and strolled Las Ramblas.
Last Sunday afternoon, all six of us sat in the second row of Priscilla Queen Of the Desert. It’s a musical, in Spanish, about drag queens and their travels performing throughout Australia. I knew it could be risky and risqué when I purchased the tickets two months ago, yet decided it’s colorful costumes and energetic music will keep us all engaged. And it did. During the second act the dancers plucked mom, Amelia and I among a few other audience members on stage during the song Thank God I’m a Country Boy to join them in dancing. I’ll remember that one for a long time.
My mom will be here for two weeks. We have many more excursions on our agenda, including a train ride to the Dali Museum, a visit to Sitges, a walk around the Arc de Triomf and birthday massages. Yet, the parts of the days that feel most special remain the ones hanging out at home joking around and taking a gamble on much more than the casino has to offer.


  1. Transvestites and Drag Queens all singing in Spanish…. even for an adventurer like me, it was a little much. But we are having a great time with Grandma Sheila. We have really loved having visitors. It has enriched our experience. We have really enjoy sharing this amazing adventure.

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