It’s Time to Eat



Since our journey began last August, I have put some unusually delicious eats and drinks into my mouth. We continue to experience meals without boundaries. We indulged in a sixteen course lunch while the kids studied at school. We picked tapas off the counter at a craft beer bar while listening to two Spanish musicians sing American cover songs. We ate among new found friends that included a trip to the kitchen and a neon light show to highlight the chef’s creations. It’s been a whirlwind of food and I cannot forget, drinks too. I drink my way through many a days. I drink a freshly made organic juice in my mornings, I drink an espresso in my afternoons and of course, I drink wine in my evenings. Occasionally, a local Barcelona beer or a hand crafted cocktail work their way into the mix.

There continues to be so much to choose from. We seriously never have to repeat a restaurant during our stay and will not run out of places to go. I compile and collect eateries that range from three star Michelin restaurants to back alley dives. The list grows and if I am not careful, so will my tush. All in all, Barcelona is a mecca for food from any culture and many countries.

Since Thanksgiving arrives tomorrow and we untraditionally head to Florence for the weekend, I decided to indulge the family and a few  new American friends with the tradition of turkey. Tonight we will sit among one another telling stories of years gone by and dreaming of future fun. We will eat stuffing, green beans and sweet potatoes. We will express sorrow that we can’t be home with friends and family for the holiday and gratitude for all our blessings.

I knew going into this and am frequently reminded that it is not what or even where I eat, it’s whom I break bread with. I have to say, my favourite place to eat in Barcelona remains in our kitchen in our apartment with the other four people I am fortunate enough to share this experience with.

As follows, Some highlights of our culinary lives:

  • Almost everyday after school Asher buys a jamon (ham) sandwich from the corner store
  • I figured out how to make tomate bread just like the Catalans
  • Asher paid $12.00 Euro for a box of Lucky Charms in Seville and hides them from Elliot and Amelia
  • I buy a fresh loaf of bread nearly everyday
  • Friday mornings the kids eat chocolate croissants for breakfast
  • Amelia loves anchovies
  • I’m really not that into traditional Spanish tapas
  • Milk and eggs are sold unrefriegerated
  • Jeffrey seeks out a hamburger like we have at home, and still has not found one
  • I secretly miss Buddy’s Pizza
  • It’s no secret Elliot misses Hunter House
  • We eat paella and drink sangria like locals
  • Asher wonders what we will do when we go home because the food here is soooooo good

I wish all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving that comes with a wealth of happiness and much gratitude.


  1. Wishing All of you a happy & healthy thanksgiving.
    I was talking to Emma today
    And she was talking about you & family being invited into her
    World something on the iPad .
    It was so sweet, we all miss you
    Sending hugs & kisses❤️❤️


  2. So beautiful, thank you for sharing! Wishing you and your family a wonderful trip to flFlorence! (Longer letter later xoxoxo!!!!!)



  3. Belated Happy Thanksgiving. We enjoy your blogs, especially today’s highlights. We are beginning our Spain trip plans for May and plan a visit.

    U. Alan & A. Rosalie


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