It Will All Work Out

We are on the flight returning from our apartment hunting experience. So as life may go, mission unaccomplished. The area we desire is called Turo Parc. It’s part of a greater area called Bonanova located in Barcelona. We learned a variety of information, but came home knowing the one thing we went there knowing. Location, location, location. As our week unfolded and we combed the area back and forth, the idea of living in Turo Parc continued to feel like the right choice. It’s a three block area full of mostly nine story apartments buildings all with terraces overlooking an oddly shaped triangle-ish park that is full of mature trees, paths, a pond with lilly pads and a cafe. We gained a tremendous understanding of the area and the life style after visiting about 12 apartments in and nearby Turo Parc. At one point, we settled on a place that more than met our needs. However, the owner changed her mind and decided to keep it for herself. That’s where part of the reason for this experience presented itself. The part Jeffrey and I knew would allow us to share disappointment and problem solve together. So, our let down evolved into a shoulder shrug and a smirk as we sat in Turo Parc sipping wine in the sun on a Monday afternoon knowing it will all work out.

We are returning to America the day after its independence with hope and gratitude. During our week in Barcelona besides looking for apartments, we visited the school where the kids will go, we had dinner with friends from Detroit in Spain on a vacation, we discovered delicious palella and Rioja wine. We walked and walked and walked. Barcelona is a clean, sunny, happy, safe place that will soon become our home for a year.

Our daily breakfast at the PrimeroPrimera Hotel in Barcelona.

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