It’s Right Around the Corner

When I say, “secure a residence” it sounds very professional. What I really want to say is something like this,  “We are off to Barcelona to find a rockin pad.” Our plans are out of the ordinary, but feel pretty normal to us now. Our agenda to move to Barcelona was a dream for the first twelve years of our marriage and a work in process for the last four. Jeffrey and I leave early tonight for a week in search of a bad ass apartment in EUROPE. EUROPE. We have learned, lived and loved and now we begin our next adventure in Barcelona. We will explore together. Roaming the world will become a new pastime. The people, the places and the things we are used to will not be around the corner for a while, but what will is a series of unknown adventures and opportunities for us to discover as a family. We are ready, we are going.

A restaurant in South Beach with the shape of things to come. Jeffrey and I enjoyed tapas at the bar that early night in December 2015.




  1. My niece and my sister-in-law are in Espana as I write. They are both fluent in Spansih and Hannah lived in Madrid for Six months three years ago. Their emails are: and Not sure if they can help-or even if you can reach them, but…

    Forty years ago my aunt and uncle and their youngest daughter lived in France for a year- it was a wonderful experience!

    Good luck and have. Wonderful trip!


    1. Hi Susan. Its really is a small world once we get talking. Thanks for sharing your information. We appreciate your good wishes and support.


  2. Mi quenta por favor – it is really the only Spanish I know. But I do know this: Your kids must be amazing people – because they have amazing parents. Can’t wait to check in on this blog. See you cuz!


  3. Love that your blogging about it! I can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it while you are there. You are the cutest!


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