I am Marla, I am a wife and a mother and then I am many other things. I consider myself to be lucky and to have made my own luck. My past is my own and it is one that has culminated in a present that leaves me with inquiry and thought. I raise my children with passion and then I do everything else. All of those other things, I try to control. I realize half the experience is in the inability to keep order and the lesson learned from disarray. I smile a multitude of times throughout the day and I pout too. I pout for despair and sadness. But, mostly I grin with glory and gratitude that life lends to me and those around me. I have an ongoing problem of thinking that I have a poor memory. At times, this has served me well. At other times, not so much. I try and try to remember stories, moments and situations. I usaully cannot recall what people said, but I certainly can recall how I felt. From this blog, I desire to create feelings in myself and in others about life and what it means to live.




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