Its Only a Date

fullsizeoutput_183a0I have noticed that I stretch the time between my blogs and this is because I am growing. It’s pretty much the half way mark in our journey. And from what I so wisely know, going down is faster and more wild then going up.

Israel shined for all of us. Not only did we spend time with our clergy, our friends and our community, we rode camels, swam in the dead sea, prayed at the Western Wall and bar mitzvahed 2 chidren. We extended our trip by one day so as to spend time with family. The five of us took two cabs for 1 hour and 20 minutes to visit my second cousin Laura, her children and her grand children. They next day we visited my sister in law’s sister and her daughter and granddaughter.

Once we arrived back in Barcelona a friend asked me if I have any other relatives who live in any other countries besides Israel and Michigan. When I realized that I don’t, I concluded I know exactly where my family is.

So many interesting things happen to me everyday. Yesterday, I ventured into a residential community with my cousin Deborah named Gracia. We found an adorable little mid century modern antique shop. I chose 3 special pieces. Two circa 1970 and one from the streets of Barcelona. They weighed more kilograms than I was willing to carry. Mr. nicest man I met in a while with a dog named Rose, told me “not to worry, I will drop everything off tomorrow while I am on my moto.” And he did.

Today the city made a buzzing sound. All of the Christmas lights came down and spring came up. Today I saw pink flowers and green leaves. Most everyone had a jump in their step. Yesterday, I was worried because of the date, Friday the 13th. Now I see it’s like any other date.

  1. Today is January 14th and it is David’s 73rd birthday and the first day of Carole Kaftan’s visit to you and the kids. What a wonderful chance for all of you to enjoy. Having her One on One and showing her this beautiful city. Enjoy each and every day and know that I am thinking of you all and wishing only good things to ALL!!!!!!! with Love,


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