Back in Barcelona

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Our last day in Majorca slipped away from us. Our stay there qualified as one of the most beautiful places we have ever seen. Our last moments consisted of under water tea parties and bouts of swim races, traditions turned to habits whenever we are all in the pool together.

The highlights of our visit to the island add up to a whole bunch of fun. Valldemossa represents the true identity of Majorica. It’s an old town on the northern part of the island scattered with tiny alleys of cobblestone and age old structures each possessing freshly painted green shutters. Here we strolled the narrow streets, ate lunch at The Valledemossa  Hotel and purchased our first piece of Majorcian art. Our next stop took us back in history to the 1200’s. We visited La Granja, a farmhouse which functioned successfully as a major water resource throughout the years. We toured caves, craft rooms and even a torture chamber. It certainly made us realize all the luxuries we utilize in our modern day lives.
We spent a day kayaking, snorkeling and cliff jumping on a stunning Mediterranean beach. One island contained a plethora of sea glass. I am a collector. I discovered more sea glass that day than I collected in all my life. We spent time shopping and eating in the main town of Palma, which really reminded us of a movie set more than a quaint European town. Miro painted and sculpted in Majorca. We visited his studio as well as the Miro Museum. After seeing his studio positioned into the mountain with a view of the Mediterranean, I contemplated why he painted abstracts over landscapes.

Now we are back in Barcelona and a few of the frustrations we initially experienced resurfaced. The language barrier entices and aggravates simultaneously. I order off the menu only a little bit sure of what will show up. We haven’t quite figured out our go to favorites for anything yet, whether it be restaurants, groceries or dry cleaning. Exploring our neighborhood increases our curiosity and courage to find new from normal.

Summer quickly closes in on us. School begins this Thursday. The kids show normal signs of dread thinking about homework and early bedtimes. Amelia, our child who least likes change, expresses concern that the folders and pencils in Spain do NOT resemble those she is used to on her school supply list. Jeffrey and I squirm with delight thinking about all that lies ahead for these kids. The new friends and the new school. Meeting fresh faces all by themselves impresses life’s possibilities into their character. Their struggles bring independence and security into their decisions. I not only look forward to their growth this year, but mine too. So, as Jeffrey and I experience the end of summer conflict, the one where we can’t wait for them to start school and at the same time fear the start of school, we take gratitude knowing this year will be like no other.

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